Sunday, March 23, 2014

Burglary at my home!

On Sunday morning, I left my home at 7.50am for a training exercise with Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group and returned at 10.15am to find my home had been broken into, ransacked and many items had been stolen.

My wallet with credit cards, driving license, money was gone. All my drawers in the lounge and  bedroom had been turned over and items of jewellery missing. Worst of all the cabinet where i had bolted my small safe had been virtually demolished and the safe was gone.

I was in shock! I immediately called the police. Yanchep policemen arrived fairly quickly to assess the situation. They determined that the thief had tried the ground floor bedroom windows, possibly using a tool from the garden shed and managed to break the lock on a bedroom window and climb into the house.

My safe contained money, documents such as my passport and jewellery, some of which was given to my daughter on her 18th birthday by her grandmother who passed away two days before the burglary.

I cannot say how upset I am by this invasion.